Kennebec River  June 23, 2021

Boat #01

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RSW-2021-06-23-K015 RSW-2021-06-23-K016 RSW-2021-06-23-K017
RSW-2021-06-23-K015.jpg RSW-2021-06-23-K016.jpg RSW-2021-06-23-K017.jpg
RSW-2021-06-23-K018 RSW-2021-06-23-K019 RSW-2021-06-23-K020
RSW-2021-06-23-K018.jpg RSW-2021-06-23-K019.jpg RSW-2021-06-23-K020.jpg
RSW-2021-06-23-K021 RSW-2021-06-23-K022 RSW-2021-06-23-K023
RSW-2021-06-23-K021.jpg RSW-2021-06-23-K022.jpg RSW-2021-06-23-K023.jpg
RSW-2021-06-23-K024 RSW-2021-06-23-K025 RSW-2021-06-23-K026
RSW-2021-06-23-K024.jpg RSW-2021-06-23-K025.jpg RSW-2021-06-23-K026.jpg

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